We offer a unique 3 month training program that trains learners with no experience in welding to become a double-coded welder within a period of 3 months
Coding is done on a 50NB (full argon) and 150NB (combined argon and stick)
Carbon Steel Pipe. Welders Qualification Tests and X-Rays are done by an independent third party in accordance to ASME IX or EN 287 International Coding Standards.

The training starts with practical SMAW (stick/electrode welding) on plate and is done in all positions. Thereafter GTAW (TIG welding) is done on plate and pipe in all positions up to 5G. Once the learner has mastered these processes we combine SMAW and GTAW on pipe.

Included with the practical welding is merSETA accredited, SAQA aligned theory on the different processes offered, as well as safety, welding drawing symbols and specifications all offered on NQF levels 2,3 and 4. Only after successful completion of the X-Ray welders qualification test do we issue a certificate of competency.

We also offer training on 12NB pipe and upgrading to stainless steel and other alloys.

Employers needing to code learners to a specific qualification can do so after our receipt of the specification. Specific processes to meet employer requirements can be designed with a coding as the training outcome.

Part-time training is also available for both inexperienced and experienced welders.